Practical Advice on Agronomy

 Maximizing productivity depends on growing each crop correctly.

Crops will not perform if the ground they are growing in is not prepared properly and does not have the correct level of fertility and pH.

Grass-Science views routine soil sampling as a pre-requisite to growing good crops and offers a simple but effective soil sampling service. Upon receipt of the results a tailor-made fertilizer plan is produced indicating what and how much of each element to apply.

It is our experience that many growers do not fully understand the function of and relationships between the main nutrients applied. Nitrogen for example will only be fully utilized if the soil contains sufficient levels of Potash to allow the plant to absorb it.  Frequently the levels of Potash found in UK forage crops are inadequate.

Grass-Science also aims to inform growers of the necessity of maintaining the correct level of fertility, particularly in quantifying the amount of “take-off” of the major nutrients experienced when the crop is harvested. This take-off needs to be replaced to maintain performance.

Grass-Science does not sell fertilizers and has no intention of doing so. Therefore any advice given is specifically targeted at improving production.