Forage Conservation

Making silage is easy. Making good silage with minimal losses or rejection by the animals is less easy.

Grass-Science offers practical advice on ensiling all forage crops, recognizing that there are major differences in the conditions and requirements within a grass clamp, a maize clamp or wholecrop cereals.

Clamp management is an important first step with significant losses occurring on the shoulders and sides if insufficient compaction is applied. Recent experience with the use of clingseal has demonstrated a significant advantage here.

Silage additives are a further complication.
Wet grass silage does not need or benefit from the same additive as a high dry matter maize silage.  In the first instance a rapid reduction of pH and a controlled fermentation to lactic (not butyric) acid is important. In the second case it is protection against aerobic spoilage.

We can explain how these additives work and are happy to advise on those we consider to have a good track record in practical use.