Forage Planning

All successful businesses start with a comprehensive and accurate plan.

Forage production is no exception and Grass-Science offers a full planning service spanning up to 5 years depending on the enterprise activity, forage mix, frequency of sowing etc.

The plan is a simple calculation of potential demand against supply.
Demand is calculated from the cow numbers and cow status (milkers, dry cows etc.) from which an estimate of the quantity of forage required each year will be calculated.

Supply will be determined from the area available for forage production.  Field sizes and suitability for particular forage crops will be recorded. The potential to supply will be affected by the current productivity of any grassland and the need for re-seeding. Other forage crops such as maize and/or whole crop cereals will be taken into consideration.

Using this information the plan will be constructed showing where each forage type will be grown and estimating the potential production. This plan will look forward to (a) meet any reseeding requirements and (b) any rotational needs.

This formal plan will then become the basis of any immediate and future decisions related to forage production. The plan is regarded as the most essential piece of forage production as it serves both as a record of potential supply and an indicator of problems and opportunities for change.

The plan will then be updated every year in time to allow important changes to production to be introduced and implemented.