Good grass and forage production and their efficient utilization is a science. 

As with all sciences knowledge is the key to success and especially knowledge that has a practical application on farm. Regrettably it is a fact that much of the current knowledge about forage resides in many of the older members of the industry and even this store is dwindling as people leave the profession through retirement or death.

Food producers worldwide now face a significant challenge to double the food supply by 2050 to meet growing demand from an increasing population. For most UK growers, including dairy and beef farmers, this must be done from existing land areas and resources. This inevitably means a substantial increase in productivity.

This significant challenge is further threatened by the ever rising costs of inputs, including feeds, fertilizers and fuel. For dairy farmers it will also be hindered by a competition for cereals as they are diverted away to directly feed hungry mouths worldwide, once again raising the cost of bought-in concentrates.

The only solution therefore is greater efficiency and productivity – achieved through better knowledge. The aim of Grass-Science is to underpin that knowledge.

With over 60 years combined experience in all aspects of the forage industry, the founders of Grass-Science believe there is a thirst for knowledge at farm level specifically targeted at the practical aspects of efficient forage production. However they also recognize that innovations keep happening, bringing new ideas, new products and new opportunities. Grass-Science aims to keep abreast of any new technology to ensure new concepts can be successfully incorporated into practical systems of production.

Grass-Science is primarily intended for farmers. It is designed to offer practical advice to real problems related to improving forage production, storage and use.

 Welcome to the world of Grass-Science.